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Live Stream studio provides a range of services and equipment like Green screen Studio Build - Cyclorama Wall etc. We help you to make your dream studio into reality and provide solution-based equipment lists primarily based on the requirements of the client. We built photographic and video studios around Australia for Companies, Government, institutions, Small offices, and Homes.


The Studio

Custom Designed Studios, These Are Just A Few.

Studio For Institution

Whether you are broadcasting student news and sports, guest lectures, award ceremonies, or graduations, having access to a quality live streaming setup can open up new avenues for reaching your audience and engaging with your community. Starting from scratch can be a daunting prospect. We can help you understand the basics, and offer suggestions that will help you to establish a successful, affordable live streaming setup.

Office Studio

Enhance the effectiveness of your storytelling, invest in technology and hardware that gives you the ability to make professional-looking videos easily, effectively, and at a very low cost.

Green Screen
Production Studio

From site-specific modular designs to virtual sets with integrated AV, we offer a range of solutions that all ensure maximum production value is shown on screen.


The best photographic studio space in Melbourne, a fully equipped photoshoot studio for hire in the heart of Melbourne city. It can work for Model Portfolios, Product Shoots, E-Commerce Photography, and interviews We also organize Photography Workshops and Corporate Events. live stream studio is one of the well-known studios in Melbourne available 24X7 days for all customers with necessary covid precautions.



The options for lighting are endless but knowing what you need to achieve is the first step to selecting the correct light. Lighting options change very quickly in the photography and film industries, so having an up-to-date understanding of the current options is very important.



Picking a camera requires knowledge of both camera features and required outcomes. These days there are cameras designed to give 8k resolution, 22 stops of dynamic range, and can shoot 300 frames a second. But that’s not for everyone. Others can freeze a bullet mid-flight or make midnight look like midday. There are even cameras that can follow you around the room and switch between people as they speak. Knowing the right camera for the right job is where we help.



Audio is about knowing the quality of each microphone, what it is used for, as well as the acoustics of the room it is going to be used in. Not all microphones are the same and each one performs a unique job. Let us choose the right microphone for your particular purpose. We have microphones for interviews to record the sound of a cheering crowd in VR 360. We also have acoustic foam designed to reduce echoes, which is perfect if you want to create a sound-treated studio space.

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