We always go for the extra mile - as a passion-driven team of technical experts, Live stream studio, we simply excite the home viewers as if they are attending the live event. No matter how big the production is, we use our versatile technologies - 4G fast internet streaming equipment, single-camera or multi-camera suite, vision mixer setup and supporting cables to cover and project your event with great ease.



Pre Production

  • Discovery
  • Concepting
  • Storyboarding
  • Writing, Casting
  • Locations
  • Creative Brief
  • Budgeting


  • Directing
  • Technical Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Client Services
  • Shooting

Post Production

  • Editing, Design
  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • VFX
  • Compression


  • Online Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Video Distribution
  • Audience Reach


Any new brand needs an eye-catching introduction in front of the analytical customers. For a new product in the market, a perfect way to make your brand noticeable is through the promotional videos. What we sell here is your business value and what you gain is the bottom line. For existing brands, promotional videos are the new tactics of enticing potential customers back into your business.

Live stream studio production house is an innovative hub famed for delivering compelling promotional videos for diverse products and services.

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A productive step every brand can incorporate in their marketing strategy is developing essential sales and branding videos. Client-centric branding videos help businesses to convert their leads to profit. Live stream studio has an incredible creative team capable of delivering inspiring stories that generate curiosity in your products. Intelligently stuffed with unique branding techniques, videos produced by our expert panel of technicians and creative writers are purely meant to meet your businesses’ sales objectives.

Discover how beneficial our all-inclusive and unique content creation approach works for your brand.

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Many educational institutions are taking advantage of using videos as a material for effective learning. Training students using video tutorials offer a different perspective of teaching experience for faculties and an innovative learning experience for students.

Live Stream Studio has a knowledgeable and well-informed panel of experts who help organizations, educationalists and speakers to create feature-rich video contents that are the perfect fit for your educational or training needs. Made with intelligent graphics and animation tools, our Instructor-led training videos, demonstrations, Scenarios and Simulation videos, etc. acts as a great source of inspiration.

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Presenter Videos

Any business that can effortlessly communicate with their customers tends to be more successful in the industry. At Live stream studio, we create intelligent and engaging presenter videos that can interact with your customer and create a powerful impact among the viewers. Within your specified budget, our creative writers, animators, editors, directors and producers work in unison to formulate compelling presenter videos. During every stage of production, we make sure that our craft properly presents your objective.

Interview Videos

Every interview has a different story to convey. Personalities representing various fields address the questions and concerns of the interviewer, audience and speak directly from their heart. From beginning to end, capturing the attention of the audience is never an easy task. The best utilization of the spaces, technology and the ambience give birth to incredible Interview videos. Our creative team projects the real essence of an interview by placing it in the right environment and incorporating befitting graphics.

Showcase Videos

Showcasing your products and services to create a powerful commercial impact is all about Showcase videos. Showcase Videos are the precise and consolidated representation of your business, which is explainable within a few minutes. Live stream studio works to bring about big ideas without deviating from the actual value of your business, attracts new clients and efficiently conveys the purpose of your business. Our production house is well-equipped with best-in-class technologies that can glorify your products and services within your budget.

Explainer Videos

Whatever be the complexity of your ideas and business objectives, we transform them into simple and consumable explainer videos. We have a dedicated creative desk of well-seasoned professionals who are adept at best-in-class video production. Our workforces adopt a unique and engaging storytelling approach to convey your business ideas. The explainer videos generated by our team of content writers, animators, editors, etc. are not only interactive and unique but also inspiring! We basically work on 2 areas in the production - the viewer engagement factor and lead generation.

Animation Videos

The impact that animation videos make in society are unbeatable! Our avant-garde animators and motion graphic designers are keen on creating stunning 2D, 3D animations and motion graphics that stand out. Live stream studio leverage cutting edge technologies that can tremendously impact the quality of contents produced from our house. Our animation video solutions are an effective marketing tool that drastically attracts the interests of the audience around the world. Our competitive team has a great history of delivering stellar animation projects that gives your business a brand new face!

Marketing Videos

In modern society, not only business values create profit, but also the way you advertise your values. The world is witnessing advancements in every field and to make your products and service to reach a larger audience, you need to leverage the advantages of the latest marketing strategies like the incorporation of marketing videos. Potential customers look for features that can enhance their daily life. To motivate, inspire and engage them through captivating marketing videos we generate is our sole responsibility. We strictly produce remarkable videos that meet your marketing campaign objectives and have a considerable effect on your ROI.


With a big aim to revolutionize the video production industry and deliver outstanding projects, we adhere to top-notch live streaming technologies and our passion-driven professionals.

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Our Promise

We are here to deliver exceptional custom-designed video solutions that take your businesses to the next level. We guarantee that you will have an amazing time working with our team members who strive to give the best to the wider audience out there. At Live Stream Studio, we have the best production unit and people just love the global video experience we gift them!

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Why choose us?

Live stream studio is a smart working platform of technically diverse professionals who are passionate about creating influential live streaming events that gift out of the world experience to the people out there. We have the right expertise in working with fortune companies, agencies, brands, etc. and we can undoubtedly say that we are the best option for your business!

We can help you in selecting the best
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Nothing beats video when it comes to delivering your message with flair, impact, and getting the most out of your marketing budget. With expertise in generating promotional videos, educational videos, and television commercials, we're Melbourne's best video production agency. Choosing the right platform to host your virtual event is the first step toward success. Our producers will have the proper advise and solutions for your specific needs based on their experience with countless other virtual and hybrid events that they have helped to deliver.

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